Gourmand, beer lover and international marketer of repute is my witty Twitter tagline. I’ve enjoyed beer for a long time, I’m old enough to remember when Young’s Special was one of the finest beers in the land (yes, mes enfants, it’s true). I vaguely appreciated the new beer scene in America and then had my eyes opened on a memorable evening to Duke Brew & Que, The Cock Tavern, The Rake and quite possibly a few other seminal venues. The Beer Bloggers Conference appeared, the rest is history.

January 2015 Newsflash! We are officially two. For some time my old, burnt out palate has relied on the analytical, attenuated palate of Intoxicated Shep (he’s a real brewer you know, can taste diacetyl at a thousand paces) but now he is officially part of the team. Expect scathing comments on London murky, golden ale and landlords who know nothing about serving beer. Call him the Jessica Boak to my Ray Bailey if you will (if you dare).

April 2020 Update…Hold the front page, I am back! With the demise of the European Beer Bloggers Conference my unbounded creativity has remained bouncing around my head. Prompted or shamed into restarting is the fault of Boak & Bailey the well known ‘force for good’ in the beer blogging community (and/or beer writing community, is there a difference? Discuss.).

Still to come from me…(and now requiring a serious edit! Ed, 20 April 2020)

Should I be a member of CAMRA? (And give up the Wethies vouchers? Don’t be silly! No, but seriously…)

More on the big brewers, I have started to tackle Guinness, pricklier subjects await.

Little Beer 50Brewers and breweries – I do want to tell you much more about Hop Stuff and Little Beer, in both of whom I have the tiniest financial interest. I’ve even been known to sell Little Beer Corporation beers to discerning pubs and bottle shops. (Too late for that! Ed, 21 April 2020)

Beer festivals, beer walks, brewery taps and beer tourism for beginners, my advice on the best (it’s usually the ones where I can get a seat).

Beer reviews. Don’t expect to see Westvleteren, do expect to see good beer that is easily obtainable (also some bad beer, but I get no enjoyment from this).

By the way, beer ‘inspired’ by music or musicians, what’s that all about? Would you like music inspired by a brewer?

It will be London and the South East centric, because that’s where I live. I do believe in eating and drinking local. And it’s not like we’re not spoilt for choice.

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