European Beer Bloggers Conference 2013


I don’t advise you try this at home

What japes! Your naïve correspondent discovered this event in Edinburgh at just the time an amateur ‘career in beer’ was being considered.

With so much to learn about beer appreciation, the industry, blogging and the techie necessities this looked like the perfect opportunity to learn from peers.
And I did. In between drinking a lot of beer, very good beer for the most part. Continue reading

What’s Brewing, June 2014 – Agony Column

Here I try to help some of the readers and contributors…

GT of Hounslow, £4.01 for a pint in a nice pub in a nice area. Is that really so much? I’m sure you could enjoy it for less in a local ‘Spoons but then poor managers make a pittance because they have to sell the beer so cheap. A moral dilemma I agree but until you are sure which plutocrat is benefiting from the £4.01, I suggest you pay up or quit moaning. Continue reading