What’s Brewing, June 2014 – Agony Column

Here I try to help some of the readers and contributors…

GT of Hounslow, £4.01 for a pint in a nice pub in a nice area. Is that really so much? I’m sure you could enjoy it for less in a local ‘Spoons but then poor managers make a pittance because they have to sell the beer so cheap. A moral dilemma I agree but until you are sure which plutocrat is benefiting from the £4.01, I suggest you pay up or quit moaning.

GH of Bolton, duty is only one component of beer pricing. A 1p cut in duty is clearly going to have little impact in the complex structuring of the pint at your local. It’s a nice gesture, but gesture politics is what it is. I’m sure Mr Farage will cut it further.

LM of London, of course you are absolutely right but you are wasting your time, he won’t try them. Canning is the way forward of course. Contrast and compare with a bottle of Spitfire in it’s lovely clear bottle from the top of the supermarket shelf.

DS of Chelmsford, most people join CAMRA because they love good beer. If CAMRA exclude certain types of small batch, handmade beer they risk losing people to another organisation should it be formed. Look at the demographic of drinkers on the Bermondsey beer mile every Saturday morning and compare with your local CAMRA branch. Everyone prefers different styles of beer, let’s just rejoice in good beers together.

PW of Burton, some people like music in pubs, some don’t. Vote with your feet.

PR of Bromley, no mention of TLA? I am disappointed.

Best quote: James Lynch (Campaign section) “Let’s not kid ourselves. We have also lost Brakspear’s and Young’s.” I do mourn the latter deeply.

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