European Beer Bloggers Conference 2013


I don’t advise you try this at home

What japes! Your naïve correspondent discovered this event in Edinburgh at just the time an amateur ‘career in beer’ was being considered.

With so much to learn about beer appreciation, the industry, blogging and the techie necessities this looked like the perfect opportunity to learn from peers.
And I did. In between drinking a lot of beer, very good beer for the most part.

I got some inkling of what was to come when I received a tweet from one of my soon to be new buddies organising the pre-pub crawl pub crawl.

I am not going to bang on about what good fun it was because I will be banging on about what good fun the 2014 version is soon. My advice, if you are just slightly tempted, GO.

It wouldn’t be possible with generous sponsorship and there was a lot of love for all the brewers that contributed in any way. A particular shout out to Williams Brewing, Stewart Brewing and my new favourite Italian, Bruno from Toccallmatto.

And also my new chums including Steve Lamont (need a pub crawl organised, he’s your man. Also knows how to match beer and cheese.), Reuben Gray (also Chair of Beoir), Billy Abbott (also a whisky authority, alcohol authority actually) and Robert Gale (you need beer and pub photography? Ask him).


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