Summer Brewfest 20-22 June

Summer BrewfestA lovely day, local brewers, good venue and a trade session (all invites gratefully accepted!) but something slightly missing? I enjoyed it though.

Space Studios is a cool venue close by London Fields Brewery – but note, it was dry so all the space could be used and more importantly the toilet facilities are totally inadequate for a beer festival. Thank goodness it was a nice quiet trade session.

Memo to organisers of trade sessions, make sure there is some headline launch news and invite all the right people. For me it was great though, a chance to talk to all the brewers I wanted to in an uncrowded space. As so often, very little seating though.

For me the fact that they had kept it local (and Thistly Cross cider from Scotland, lovely whisky barrel cider) and small (15 brewers) was an attraction but the lack of any headline acts from home or abroad was probably the reason for the sparse attendance.

Praiseworthy mentions include,

London Glider Cider logoLovely passionate people who collect from householders and small orchards. Much of the fruit is dessert types so the results are not too dry. London Glider are hoping to expand and go full time at this venture soon. I tried the Perry, yes, that’s perry not pear cider and you could taste the pears – not the thin acidic offerings that sometimes lurk under this name.

HSB onlyJames and Emma (the brains and the looks, how does that work?) of Hop Stuff were launching their new Arsenal Pale Ale. More hops than their Renegade IPA, lower ABV than the Pale Ale this is sure to be a winner with those that want their session ale hoppy!

By The HornsI wasn’t a great fan of the early By The Horns beers finding them a bit bland. That’s all changed. Bastard Brag, a black IPA is a really example of the genre and Sour To The People, apart from being a super name is a very good first attempt at a sour. And Chris Mills is a geezer, in a good way.


hammertonHammerton Brewery are one of the new kids on the block, though by the time you read this another half dozen new breweries will make them look like seasoned pros. Two nice clean beers, the hoppy N7 and a stout. Good brewing technique and one to watch once they get a bit more adventurous.


Hackney breweryHackney Brewery have a range of nice sessionable beers and know their market. Good hop character but proper pub beers. I really enjoyed the Mosaic TNT which is their current seasonal. TNT is a mix of NZ hops but it’s the Mosaic which stands out with a characteristic blueberry aroma. Good work!


All in all a nice day out, a great chance to talk to brewers but I’d need a more exciting line-up to return.

Date:                    Friday, 20 June 2014
Venue:                 7/10
Beer selection:     6/10
Beer quality:         7/10
Atmosphere:         6/10
A good night out:  9/10
Total score:           39/50, 70%

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