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I love beer. I am really interested in beer. I am very, experienced at marketing, international sales, communication. I understand websites, social media marketing, SEO, CRM and many other TLA.

I don’t enjoy big company culture. Appropriately therefore, my beer sales career started at Little Beer Corporation, sadly demised after my departure (the two being unconnected). Dorking Brewery were the next to benefit. Lately I have started with Titsey Brewing Co. an even smaller brewery but with nice plans.

What is very clear is that is tough (even tougher as I write during lockdown). The easiest way for a microbrewery to make a small fortune is to start with a big one. Making good beer is not enough, being loved by CAMRA or the crafterati is not enough, a passion for beer is needed but is not enough.

If you would like a piece of me then Yeast Marcom assists small breweries and others in the brewing industry with marketing and sales on a shoestring budget. What about zero budget? Well, it does no harm to have a chat with me for free.

NB: Paid work does not appear on this website unless expressly marked as such

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