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I love beer. I am really interested in beer. I am experienced at marketing, international sales, communication. I understand websites, social media marketing, SEO, CRM and many other TLA.

I don’t enjoy big company culture. So the obvious company to work for is Little Beer Corporation, currently I’m ‘London Sales’ on a part time basis. I really love the beer – it is definitely not ‘me-too’ session bitter – quality controls are much higher than the average microbrewery. Also Jim pays me so little that I am not afraid to be really honest if things aren’t right.

So, I have more time to give and I’m already visiting lots of London outlets. If you would like a piece of me then Yeast Marcom assists small breweries and others in the brewing industry with marketing and sales on a shoestring budget. What about zero budget? Well, it does no harm to have a chat with me for free.

NB: Paid work does not appear on this website unless expressly marked as such

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