Hop Stuff Brewery open evening

Hop Stuff Brewery

Nice logo with a nod to history

Eight months into commercial brewing Hop Stuff is by no means the newest brewer in London but it is still the only crowdfunded one. The brewery is on the historic Woolwich arsenal site now a trendy redevelopment. The enterprise is almost literally one man and his dog (or puppy actually), the man in question being James Yeomans. But behind every man…and in this case it is Emma, shrewd judges think that she is the brains, he’s just the brewer. Continue reading

Signature Brew at The Long Room

Does Picasso inspire your paella? Does¬†Wordsworth inspire winemakers? Well, in the past Signature Brew beers were all inspired by and brewed with their favourite bands. Honestly I don’t get it. Trying too hard with the marketing?

Betcha Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman would make a stonking Imperial Russian Stout though.

Wanting something good to drink at gigs I understand. So I was rather glad to see that Signature Brew were launching their ‘own’ beers with a musical theme, nice. Nicer still, it was at The Long Room (lovely Reuben sandwiches)¬†in Smithfield and not in hippest Hackney. Nicest, it was free beer in the afternoon! Continue reading