What’s Brewing, September 2014 – Agony Column

Whats Brewing AugustI do my best to help the troubled writers to What’s Brewing. (Despite the pic, this is September).

Maybe they don’t receive many letters but once we start getting responses to responses, GH of Bolton that’s you,  it suggests a lack of good content (mmm, I’d better get writing).

TJ of Hornchurch suggests we put excise duty and tax on coffee, ‘where people are happy to pay more than £2.50 a cup’. £2.50, yes, but only if it is an Imperial Russian Double Cappucino.

Of course, the great music and beer debate rumbles on. Apparently some people like it and some don’t. End of.

“Craft” demise! The headline must have caused a flutter of heady anticipation amongst many readers. The supermarket shelves have more beers labelled as craft, thank you Greene King. Meanwhile ‘good’ beer is still on the increase led by small microbrewers often producing keg beer.

RH of Cheltenham now wants the address of the brewer on the pumpclips too. His intimate knowledge of chemistry, fluoride adding water companies and the effects on beer make him want to decide accordingly. My advice, drink Budweiser, the sophisticated water treatment plant strips out all ions to produce probably the purest base water for any beer in the UK.

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