DS of Chelmsford

June (bonkers) and July (sensible) both saw published letters from DS of Chelmsford. But there is a lot more to the man than his ability to get letters published in What’s Brewing.

If you like reading about “craft beer….bizarre and unpalatable to all but the most deluded and culturally-alienated drinker”, “ridiculous hop levels, often accompanied by outrageous alcoholic potency”, and comparing aspirations of craft beers to the Pope, the Queen and Gay Pride marches then here is a┬ástonking good read. Turn to page 12. Do you think they put an ad for a beer festival with live music next to his piece just out of devilry?

For the record, I too was at Craft Beer Rising. It was hipsterish, music was loud in places but some of the beer was astonishingly good. Lactic Armageddon from Sharp’s living up to it’s name admirably. Not cheap but a must on the beer calendar.



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