What’s Brewing, July 2014 – Agony Column

Whats Brewing July 2My helpful advice to the troubled writers to What’s Brewing. Now I have to admit, CAMRA have given me much less to play with this month and published some quite sensible letters…

So first of all, hats off to NG of Southport and DS of Chelmsford for the voice of reason.

Now, NW of Needingworth, this is an intriguing thought, beer pricing according to colour could be the way forward. The Irish might disagree of course. But anything that brings down the price of Brooklyn’s Sorachi Ace, witbier and numerous IPA’s can only be a good thing.

RJH of Southport, shout louder! We can’t hear you. Frankly, I’m too busy on my smartphone to pay you any attention anyway. Addressing the chemicals and hops issue, whatever next! Big manufacturers using synthetic ingredients shocker. Get yourself down one of the other 1000 or so small brewers in this country.

BH of Tewkesbury, omg, you have opened a can of worms now! It will surely not have escaped anyone’s notice that the Indian sub-continent is poorly represented at CAMRA events. India alone has 22 official languages. And having joined using your Welsh application form – how many publications are you able to read? (Don’t bother asking if the website has application form or content in Welsh).

Before we start laughing at the Welsh though, let’s note that the modern craft brewer Tiny Rebel picked up gold at the Champion Beer of Wales. Congratulations! All the Tiny Rebel beers I have tried have been excellent. You won’t see a brewer like that winning anything from CAMRA¬†in England or UK wide.

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