What’s Brewing, November 2014 – Agony Column

Whats Brewing Nov14I do my best to help the troubled letter writers to What’s Brewing. After last months letter from MH of Axminster (Pubs being turned into crèches), it’s official, Children are the new battleground!

On which side is CAMRA going to come down?

JG of Glasgow believes that MH infers that children should be banned from all public places! On the other hand perhaps she would like to see beer served in crèches – now there’s an idea!

PS of Nottingham applauds the zero tolerance approach of some landlords. He is right in blaming the parents though.

PJS of Wandsworth tackles the Berliner Weisse questions raised by Roger Protz and suggests a small Berlin brewery. Of course there are numerous good British Berliner Weisses nowadays but they are not ‘real ale’, it’s ok to drink the Berlin brewed ones because…?

DS of Chelmsford is back, happy to be perceived as a ‘dead horse flogger’ in this nation of animal lovers! 1970’s style beer is hard to find, of brands that are still available the keg beers have generally improved, whereas some of the cask beers have in some cases got worse (viz. Young’s Special and many more) – think on.

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