What’s Brewing, October 2014 – Agony Column

October1I do my best to help the troubled writers to What’s Brewing. But first, let’s be serious for a moment.

To quote from Pete Brown on the front page, “…a growing understanding of real ale as a crafted product…” – so we are only a short step away from saying that real ale is craft beer. Then CAMRA can say that craft beer is a good thing taken with a pickled curate’s egg of course? The sensible side of CAMRA is slowly finding it’s voice. Perhaps it realises that embracing some the beers that currently don’t conform it will gain more new converts than it will lose old diehards.

Now, the letters,

BY of Rochester doesn’t own a computer and blames the fact that he is of an elder age group. Sorry. No. You have had 20 years to come to terms with computers. Being of pensionable age means you get free courses and there is always the public library. For all but an impoverished few not using computer technology is a lifestyle choice. Lower processing costs make discounts for online ordering a sensible choice.

SB of Radlett is horrified that the Cyclops scheme is supporting lagers. It is clearly discredited and “will only cause confusion about what CAMRA stands for”. Heaven forbid that CAMRA stands for good beer or lager for that matter.

GB of Milford is disappointed that microbreweries keep changing their offering. So that’s an all year saison, a heavy with the barbie and a golden ale on a freezing winters day then. I guess he buys his asparagus from Peru all year round too.

And finally, a really excellent star letter, from MH of Axminster complaining about pubs being converted into crèches, now that’s a campaign I can support.

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